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What is Outlook?
Most people use Outlook simply as an e-mail package, but it has many other useful features:
  • a contact list so you can store the names, addresses and personal details of both your business and personal contacts
  • a calendar that lets you store your own appointments as well as making meetings with other Outlook users
  • a task list so that you can keep tabs on your "to dos" (and even share them with your colleagues)
  • a notes feature that allows you to jot a quick "post it"
Who uses Outlook?
Most UK companies and corporations around the world use Outlook as their preferred email program.  Many people choose to use it for their home email as well

Scheduled Courses for Microsoft Outlook are run in Hertfordshire, They are 1 day 10:00am - 2:30pm.  The basic cost is £150 per delegate, although there are reductions available for multiple delegates.  This includes lunch and a memory stick containing course documentation and exercises.  If there is not a date available in the schedule (or not one that suits you), please let us know and we will endeavour to schedule one for you.