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Microsoft Project is a Project Management software.  Although Project Management training and experience are useful when using this product, they are by no means essential.  If you have any event to organise, where time frames and budgets need to be managed carefully, MS Project can help you keep track of your scheduling and costs.  You might be planning a wedding or the installation of some new equipment, you could be renovating property or planning a business fair.  With MS Project you can keep track of a complex task list, control a budget and assign tasks to multiple staff members as well as external contractors. 

We run two one-day courses for MS Project, Introduction and Advanced.

Introduction:  The Introduction course is aimed at users who have little or no previous experience of using MS Project.  In this course you will learn how to break your project down into a logical task list.  You will learn how to set dependencies between your tasks so that they are scheduled in a workable order.  You will learn how to set up people and resources for your tasks, and how to allocate associated costs.

Advanced:  The Advanced course is for users who already use MS Project at a simple level but wish to expand their skills.  They will learn how to deal with the over allocation of staff members.  They will be able to share a pool of staff over more than one project.  They will be able to create their own customised reports and views within project and be able to export data into other applications such as Excel.