Free Training Needs Analysis

Please note: Our public scheduled courses are back! Our public courses were suspended due to COVID, we are pleased to announce that we are restarting them again in May 2022.  If you prefer not to attend a public course, we are still able to offer closed courses in small groups and 1:1 tuition either in person or via Zoom. Please contact us for details.

If you are looking for advice on which course would be the most suitable for you or your team to attend, or are in the process of booking a bespoke course with us, you can complete the appropriate training needs analysis questionnaires listed below, or you can take a Quick Quiz.  Once we receive the completed TNA form(s) we will assess your needs and contact you, or the person booking your course. If you take a Quick Quiz, you will be able to see the results straight away.
If you have any queries please contact us on