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training needs analysis form and we will be happy to analyse the results free of charge, alternatively take a Quick Quiz by clicking on one of the links below.  At present we run six scheduled courses: 

Introduction (Level 1)  This course is a prerequisite for anyone who does not already have a good grounding in Excel.  In this course you will learn to enter and format data as well as create basic formula and add functions such a sum or an average.  It will enable you to design and print professional-looking charts. Take the Quick Quiz.

Introduction (Level 2) This course is for users who have already mastered the basics of Excel.  You should already be confident with entering and formatting data, as well as be able to input a simple formula.  In this course you will learn how to fix a formula onto a special cell or range using Absolute References and Named Ranges.  You will learn Count, Text, Date and Rounding Functions. You will be shown how to Link Excel Data to Word or PowerPoint.  You will learn to create a custom chart with your own colour scheme and logo. Take the Quick Quiz

Intermediate (Level 1)  This course if for delegates who already have a good grasp of Excel formula and simple functions but would like to expand their function knowledge to use decision-making functions such as IFS and LOOKUPS. You will learn how to "nest" functions, so that you can use more than one function in any given cell.  It shows heplful tips for calculating over multiple sheets and linking information into other programmes such as Word or PowerPoint. You will be taught how to use conditional formatting to change the colour of a cell dependant on its value. Take the Quick Quiz

Intermediate (Level 2) On this course you will learn how to use Mixed Referencing and Worksheet Specific Named Ranges to speed up formula creation. You will use Data Validation to restrict the values users can enter into a cell.  You will enhance your knowledge of Conditional Formatting so that you can change the appearance of cells by adding your own formulae.  You will learn advanced sorting techniques including Sorting by Colour and Sorting Using a Custom List.  You will explore the various filtering options using AutoFilter.  You will be able to create standard spreadsheets by creating your own Styles and Templates. Take the Quick Quiz

Advanced (Level 1) This course is designed for users who need to use Excel to produce reports and data summaries.  You will learn how to extract filtered data into a new dataset.  It shows you how to manipulate large amounts of data to produce meaningful reports and charts using Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts as well as automating procedures using Macros. You will be able to create a data model and create scenarios using Goalseek and Solver.  Take the Quick Quiz

Advanced (Level 2)  This course is for users who want to automate their spreadsheets using recorded macros. In this course we explore the options for storing recorded macros.  You will learn how to use Relative and Absolute referencing when recording. You will learn how to add buttons to run your macros. You will gain confidence in editing Visual Basic Code.  You will be able to create your own Excel Functions and distribute them to your colleagues.  Take the Quick Quiz

Pivot Tables  The Excel Pivot Tables course is suitable for those with an Advanced knowledge of Excel. Although Pivot Tables are covered in our Excel Advanced Level 1 course, this course looks as Pivot Tables in much greater depth.  At the end of this course you will have a greater understanding of the functionality and potential of Pivot Tables.  You will be able to troubleshoot common problems as well as automate procedures for maximum efficiency.  You will be able to create charts and dashboards from your data.

Scheduled Courses for Microsoft Excel are run in Welwyn Garden City, They are 1 morning 9:00am - 1:00pm.  The cost for most courses is £150 per delegate, although there are reductions available for multiple delegates.  Excel Advanced Level 2 and Pivot Tables courses are £180 per delegate.  All courses include course documentation and exercises. View a schedule of upcoming dates.

We also run bespoke courses for Excel at any suitable UK location from £695 for a one-day course.  We recommend a group of up to eight people.