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Microsoft Excel

What is Excel?
Excel is almost certainly the worlds most popular spreadsheet program. It allows you to enter different types of data (text, numbers, dates etc) and then allows you to manipulate that data in a number of different ways.
  • You can add formula and functions to your spreadsheets so that you can automate any number of calculations from simple totals and averages right up to complex mathematical equations.
  • You can sort and filter data such as contact details, list of invoices or product lists.
  • You can create charts from your data as well as complex reports.
Who uses Excel?
Most UK companies and corporations around the world use Excel as their preferred spreadsheet program. Students use it to organise their data. It is useful for home users to help control finances, keep contact lists and make schedules.

Which Excel Course is right for me?
If you have a number of delegates to train, it may be useful to request a Training Needs Analysis on your staff which we are happy to do free of charge should you choose to book your courses with us. If you are an individual looking for a suitable course we will be happy to discuss your requirements over the phone or you can take a Quick Quiz to ensure you choose the appropriate course.