Excel Spreadsheet Design Service

We offer an Excel Spreadsheet Design service from £150.  If you need to set up a complex spreadsheet and require help and support in putting this together, our Spreadsheet Design Service may be for you.  We would meet with you initially for 2 -3 hours in person or remotely.  If the spreadsheet you require is not too complex, we may be able to build it together in this initial session.  If it is more elaborate, we would use this initial meeting as a fact-finding mission and have to spend time back in the office developing a model of your spreadsheet for you. When the model is ready, you would be asked to test it to make sure that it does everything you need, and any changes can be made at this point.

The cost for both the initial meeting and any subsequent development time would be £75 per hour, payable on satisfactory completion of the project.  We are also able to develop Word and PowerPoint templates, to give all of your documents and presentations a slick, professional appearance.

For more information, or to book your initial session, please call 01707 515450 or email